We’d like to take this chance to introduce you to our family, our crew, The Pie Crew. We are a prestigious, family-driven company that have been steaming things up with our unique pies since we opened both our factory and oven doors. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to join one of the fastest-growing, handmade pie companies. Join the family and become a part of the crew.

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As a family, we share a love for delicious pies. We journeyed for years from garage to garage… Shop to shop but, we couldn’t find that perfect pie in the South African cities – a delicious pie, filled with great flavour, lots of filling and an amazing crust.

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So, after much discussion and over a great number of cappuccinos (we lost count), we finally decided to heed the age-old saying ‘if you can’t find the perfect pie, make the perfect pie!’ – or something like that. This led to many, many months of making and eating literally hundreds of pies. And now, we want to share them with South Africa!


What do we want? Delicious, high-quality pies! When do we want them? Now!
But seriously, we want to give all South Africans a taste of our delicious, steamy pies. We want to feel the love while feeding the nation by becoming a household name, where everyone knows and loves our pies. We want to make waves in the pie industry while ensuring South Africans get the pies they deserve.


Our mission is to create and promote unique quality, bigger in size, handmade pies that are packed with hearty, healthy, mind-blowing flavour and backed by an unbeatable, pick-it-off-my-shirt-to-eat-it type of crust. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity which we use to craft our recipes. Only the best will do, with sustainability, and a great taste for all in mind… And in pie.