All of our customers get a sample box containing the full range of our savoury pies. While we strive to be the best, we thrive on feedback to constantly innovate and improve where we can.

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We’re not just a family, we’re a crew. We believe in building both a personal and business relationship with all of our clients. What’s your dog’s name? How can we better serve you? How many goldfish do you have? Oh, you want to increase your weekly order by 1000? Great! Can I get you a Coke with that pie? That kind of thing.


And, because we love you almost as much as we love pie, we also offer a free ad design service for our customers. If you want to run a special, you simply send all the info to our in-house design team for them to work their magic. All. For. FREE.

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We give all our customers a menu board and nameplates to display in their pie warmers, helping you to create a classy and hunger-inducing display with ease.


Deliveries are scheduled based on our weekly delivery routes and your needs. However, we are happy to help you arrange any urgent deliveries.


Then, once you’re ready to spread the delicious pie love, we send our trained baking crew to teach and help your bakery staff to perfectly bake the most delicious pies.

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